Final Slam 2


A very fun fighting game with more than forty characters


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Final Slam 2 is a two dimensional fighting game where players can not only choose from more than forty completely different characters, but also create their own characters, personalizing them down to the smallest detail.

Final Slam 2's character creator allows you to chose your fighter's name, combat style, attacks, special movements, and even the way they celebrate a win. In addition, of course, you also have dozens of ways to edit their body type, creating characters that are fat, skinny, strong, tall, short, etc.

The character creator is Final Slam 2's best feature, but it's far from the only one. As soon as you have your personalized fighter, you can participate in any of the many game modes available.

In the story mode you can fight against a number of enemies, following a plot that leads you through different scenes and to different characters. In the versus mode, however, you can face your friends playing on the same computer... or even play against the computer.

While the graphics are not the best, Final Slam 2 is a two dimensional fighting game that offers a clean, fun gameplay. In addition, the personalization options are mind-blowing.

This silver version of the game includes fewer features than the gold version does.

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